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BnL’s Chug episode 071

Severed fingers in Michigan, edible beer packaging in Florida, Private Equity moves in Pittsburgh and craft beers for Disney. Pair these stories up with a beer from Seventh Son Brewing and what do you have? This week’s Chug, dumbass. Get after it. Source links: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/01/25/how-woman-visited-all-323-michigan-breweries-year/1065077001/ https://growlermag.com/launch-edible-six-pack-rings-offer-brewers-eco-friendly-alternative/ https://www.brewbound.com/news/ballast-point-open-downtown-disney-taproom https://www.brewbound.com/news/private-equity-firm-sells-pittsburgh-brewing

BnL’s Chug episode 063

THIS WEEK ON THE CHUG: The BA is having a blast with their Monopoly money, Molson Coors is buying breweries along with Colorado breweries buying other Colorado breweries. It’s all very Colorado. Another dual chug episode with a throw off beer and one good brew from River North Brewing. Come for the news, stay for the Chug. Source links: www.takecraftback.com http://www.canadianbeernews.com/2017/11/09/molson-coors-purchases-microbrasserie-le-trou-du-diable/ https://www.brewbound.com/news/renegade-brewing-sells-stake-upstart-family-office http://theknow.denverpost.com/2017/11/01/broken-compass-brewery-backcountry-brewery-sale-2017/164980/
A GABF 2017 Picture Recap

A GABF 2017 Picture Recap

We don't do things quickly around here. We believe in quality, attention to detail and ok you got us. We are lazy slackers. Anyway, here's the cream of our proverbial crop of pictures from our attempt to MAGABFA (Make America Great American Beer Fest Again). Enjoy!
Back to Burning Can for a Shot at Beer Relay Redemption

Back to Burning Can for a Shot at Beer Relay Redemption

Once upon a time, a charming young lad went to Burning Can and ran the Beer Relay in the magical land of Lyons, Colorado. Our hero wound up making three gruesome errors, as chronicled in the tale you can read here. The lessons he learned were simple and easily applied for the next time he chose to go on a similar adventure. Alas, our hero returned to Burning Can, but yet did not experience the success he had hoped for. Maybe the charm would be benefited from a third attempt? Don’t be mistaken, I am comparing my adventures to a fairytale.…

BnL’s Chug episode 043

THIS WEEK ON THE CHUG: Paste Magazine casually calls out RateBeer, the Beer Institute casually says the obvious, a Bud Light truck casually tips over and Kevin Durant casually sucks at chugging. Meanwhile, a Stone Tangerine Express gets slammed and not spit out (KD!). Come for the news, stay for the Chug. Source links: Paste Magazine talks shit The Beer Institute speculates on small town economies Bud Light truck tips over Kevin Durant does not really like beer