BnL Podcast Drinking Game

What fun is a podcast about beer if you can’t drink along? Now you can with this handy-dandy guide that perfectly complements the stupidity of the Beer n’ Loathing Podcast. This will be an ongoing list, or as the fancy fucks like to say in the corporate world, a “Living Document” so keep checking back each episode to see what has been added.

Rules are simple. Drink any time:

  • Sam repeats a story from the previous week
  • Someone mentions Ryan Hannigan
  • Pete gets caught peeing
  • Sam rambles on and forgets his point and/or a question
  • Pete calls a guest the wrong name
  • A guest refers to Sam as “Samuel”
  • Someone physically calls out a bad segue
Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

Homeboy seemingly came out of nowhere. Michigan? Colorado? Truth be told, no one knows where this motherfucker came from. Rumor has it he dwells in Denver and drinks ram piss.


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