BnL Podcast EP 027 – Talking SommBeer with Somm Guy named John

We recently chatted up our new friend John from SommBeer, a website with very similar interests to Beer n’ Loathing. We dive all over the place in terms of some of the cool shit he’s seeing in his neck of the woods in Michigan and even touch on being torched on Reddit, which, in our opinion is a badge of fucking honor. Damn trolls. Anyway, give it a listen and don’t forget to drink along with our handy-dandy drinking game rules! (here, if you need a refresher)


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram still haven’t banned us so let’s hang out on the digital playground. Is that copyrighted? We hope not.

The Gang
Written by The Gang

The whole damn crew had something to do on this one. Bio = a bunch of drunk dudes doing something they probably wouldn't tell their own mothers.

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