BnL Podcast EP 024 – Poop, Clog, Repeat with A Crazy Cat Person

This past episode, we had the supreme pleasure of hosting Nick McCormac of Drink. Blog. Repeat. fame. He gives us the low down on his local upcoming beer week, beer miles and the fucking crazy laws that South Carolina affords it’s loyal craft beer drinkers. I don’t want to say we’re starting a trend, but that’s two in a row where we learned something and had fun doing it. Also, don’t let that pleasant southern drawl fool you. Nick can hang with poop and pee commentary among the best. Also, check out the new drinking game rules for the show if you feel like cracking a brew and getting a little tipsy. We’ll keep that a running list.


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The Gang
Written by The Gang

The whole damn crew had something to do on this one. Bio = a bunch of drunk dudes doing something they probably wouldn't tell their own mothers.

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