Do we really need American Craft Beer Week?

Do we really need American Craft Beer Week?

This is just a ramble, I’m not necessarily trying to make a point. We seem to celebrate a lot. Every day is “National something day” and this entire week has been given to craft beer. Initially I was ecstatic. A whole week to celebrate something that is a huge part of our lives seems like the perfect way to show our appreciation for that lovely liquid. Events are happening around the country, a nationwide toast was created and beer nerds everywhere could raise their pint and feel the hand of God himself as it reaches down to pat each of their beer-infused heads.

Then I didn’t care. Why put so much focus on beer this week? Why not appreciate and celebrate beer all year round? I fell into the same mentality I have for most Hallmark holidays: If you appreciate something so fucking much, show it every day instead of just one day or week. All these awareness or celebratory days have gotten to the point of redundancy. It seems like there’s a day for every major style of beer and soon one for every variant. Eventually we’ll all be raising our glass for Bourbon Watermelon Rye Spiced White IPA Brewed on Hallowed Indian Burial Ground using Purified Water Filtered through a Virgin’s Ass-crack Day.

The marketer in me can’t help but get cynical when damn near every day is a special day, beer or otherwise. If every day is special, a word that ultimately means other than the usual, then special becomes an everyday occurrence or the usual, and therefore, not special. I fucking love semantics, don’t you?

The problem with my own internal curmudgeon is the inability to pin blame on a single entity. Hallmark holidays started with a clear benefactor: Hallmark. It’s been completely consumerized. As far as I can tell, American Craft Beer Week really just benefits the industry as a whole. All the breweries, tap houses and restaurants participating feel the loving glow of beer drinkers around the country and supporting these wonderful places is what loving beer is all about, right? Right.

The little guys get some love and attention along with the big guys. I can’t hate on something that promotes a healthy exploration of the beer culture. Maybe if I had a stronger appreciation for the flower, greeting card and chocolate industry, I could make the same argument for Hallmark holidays. Alas, zero fucks are given so I’m going to ignore my hole in my own logic.

I’ll wrap this mental masturbation up in a tissue and flush it down the toilet. In a town like Denver where beer is a major part of its identity, I feel like we show beer our appreciation every day. Since beer days are no longer special, they must be the way we appreciate beer so I suppose I can get on board. I can’t promise I won’t be annoyed by all the beer geeks that are all gung ho for craft beer holidays and litter my Twitter feed with their stupid fucking hash tags, but I can appreciate that they’re for the right reasons and benefit the right people.


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Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

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