BnL Podcast EP 017: Taking Moral Inventory on the Underground Whale Road

This episode has it all. Joy, shame, conflict, redemption and some beers. We brought our friend Michael from Saugatuck Brewing Company back on the show to see how he liked our new format. He handled it like any seasoned pro would, even thought Pete tried to drag us down into some dark, dark fucking depths with his new question set “Good news bad news”. Some of these would leave even the toughest dude hugging his knees in the shower and after those and a few awkward silences, we can honestly say we walked away from this experience knowing a little more about one another. Check it out and see how you’d respond. And be sure to follow us on Twitter (@beernloathing) to take part in future podcast questions. We always pop one or two up the day of recording a new show.

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The Gang
Written by The Gang

The whole damn crew had something to do on this one. Bio = a bunch of drunk dudes doing something they probably wouldn't tell their own mothers.

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