Beer n’ Loathing at the Great American Beer Festival

Beer n’ Loathing at the Great American Beer Festival

So you may have read our posts or tweets on the Great American Beer Festival. Or maybe you saw our epic ThrowBackThursday super cut. Well we have something finally ready that will blow all of those things’ dicks off and shoot them into the far corners of space: our first on-site film! We take you balls deep into the festival and put our beer soaked fingers on the pulse of what is really going on. Hard nosed journalism at it’s finest. Check it out, share with your friends and let us know what you think!

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Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

Homeboy seemingly came out of nowhere. Michigan? Colorado? Truth be told, no one knows where this motherfucker came from. Rumor has it he dwells in Denver and drinks ram piss.

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