Am I Lucky with Bad Service or do I Just Not Care?

Am I Lucky with Bad Service or do I Just Not Care?

In two weeks, two different people have commented about bad experiences at the venue I had mentioned in a social post. After arguing with one who was clearly a troll, I realized it best to just drop it with the second. I was amazed at the fact neither of these guys seemed to want to let it go. Well, you aren’t the only ones who are stubbornly petty and can’t let shit go, guys, and my social posts aren’t there for you to treat as fucking Yelp. For the remainder of this post, I shall refer to you as Mr. Troll and The Other Guy (TOG).

Am I the only one who’s never really had a bad experience with servers or a venue? I mean, I know I have, but it was usually my fault or under very dumb circumstances. I’ve been to bars that famously piss people off and received free beers for an incorrect order. I’ve stood at my favorite dive bar for minutes on end (minutes!!!) and had the meanest looking bartender in the place buy me a shot. So my question to those out there who seem to draw bad experiences to them like Martin Riggs seems to draw insane criminals, where is the line drawn between the bad experiences coming from the venue or it being in your head?

In the case of Mr. Troll, he was upset at having to pay to enter a brewery. Now, yeah, this can be annoying but it took several sarcastic passive aggressive tweets between the two of us to reach that conclusion. Along the way he went through every trope imaginable, pissed on any comment I made to try and end the conversation on a high note and waited a full week to get one last lame ass tweet in. He clearly just wanted to be mad, stay mad and have nothing but reason to be mad. I read that as “Entitled shit head,” but what the fuck do I know?

This probably wouldn’t have bugged me as much if it weren’t for the fact that Mr. Troll held onto his convictions so tightly and carried on and on and on and on and on so long that the brewery I tagged in my original tweet actually thought *I* was the one who had a bad experience. It was very nice of them to explain their policy and whatnot, and they were very happy to hear that I would gladly have their brewery babies anytime.

I abandoned ship with TOG’s comment because it really seemed like he wanted to not let go of his bad service experience, even after I replied that I had nothing but great service. I don’t have the energy to do this more than once a year, let alone twice in under a month. This brewery was six weeks old, so who really knows what’s going on there. Maybe I just have a friendly face that staff feel comfortable dealing with. Maybe I don’t walk into an establishment with an air of authority and the attitude that “I AM HERE FOR YOU TO PLEASE ME. PLEASE ME NOW.”

This rattles another thought off the tree – Yes we are consumers and we are spending our money at these breweries. However, I still feel like a guest in their home and assume there are house rules. I’m there to experience the micro-environment they have created within the walls of their building. Does this mean disrespect can’t happen? Absolutely not, but I have yet to walk into an establishment that picked a person or group out of a crowd and said, “You know what, fuck these guys.” That is, unless there were already some history there. Experience is a two-way street, and if you give a venue a bad experience, what motivation do they have to give you a good one next time around?

Then there is the aspect that Mr. Troll and TOG sound like whiney babies since they have to resort to harshing someone else’s mellow via social media comments. I know it’s all the rage to be the curmudgeon out there, and I know I get as sick as anyone over the total lovefest that the internet can become, but dudes, go use Yelp, your own social media or talk to a manager. Maybe you can get some more insight, maybe you can get some free shit, maybe you can stop bringing down the mood on someone else’s post. Once again, you are making an experience all about you. In this case, you are literally hijacking someone else’s experience and making it about you. Fuck you. This is my experience, not yours. Share yours. Don’t hijack mine. It’s mine. Not yours. Fuck off. Am I being a baby? Possibly. Fuck off some more.

I don’t expect every internet interaction to be all puppies, kittens and unicorns shitting rainbows up to a smiling moon man. Feel free to shit on whatever you feel the need to shit on, just don’t try and shit on my good experience because you’re jealous that your experience sucked. Other people are allowed to be happy and if you’re the type who doesn’t allow themselves to be happy, start a fucking blog like the rest of us. Or don’t. Whatever. Social media is a public forum. You do you. There, I’m done complaining.

Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

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