How to Age Craft Beers

How to Age Craft Beers

As beer continues to evolve and better mimic the wine industry, letting a strong brew sit and mature over time has become widely popular among beer geek circles. An impressive vertical (consecutive year vintages of the same beer) is as good a measure of dick* length than anything else we’ve come across. “But how do I properly age beers without fucking them up, Sam?” That’s a great question. Tuck that dick* back in and let me school you on the proper aging process, then you can build up a nice vertical of your own and whip your schlong* out and…

BnL’s Chug episode 076

Crusty old beers, the world as IBUs know it isn’t real and health plus beer equals imaginary numbers. What beer pairs best with this bundle of joy? A quick slam of Resolute Brewing Company will answer that question. This is the Chug. Source links:

BnL’s Chug episode 075

Step aside, pilsners, there’s an older, awesomer beer in town, the olympics get a little sudsy in more than one way and we talk to a dude who sounds like Cobra Commander about flight. We paired these stories up with the new light and easy-drinking line up from Ninkasi Brewing, but it turns out Sam has a hard time slamming three beers in a row. This is the Chug. Source links:

BnL’s Chug episode 074

NASCAR is sobering up, IPA is out of this world and we know where the world’s most remote brewery is, do you? All these stories paired with a tall glass of conflict give you The Chug! Source links:

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Milkshake IPAs, more private equity follies and one man’s quest to cause the most damage possible for some cheap beer. Pair these stories up with a bomber Clutch from New Belgium, and you’ve got yourself The Chug. Source links: