BnL’s Chug episode 049

THIS WEEK IN BEER NEWS: Someone hilariously trolls Stella Artois, Thrillist continues to cover what they think is popular, North Korea keeps on North Korea-ing and breweries are partnering up like they're on a square dance floor. All while an Eddyline Double IPA gets drained. Come for the news, stay for the Chug. Source articles: Kentucky Fried Beers North Korea is Minty Fresh AF Brooklyn Brewing Voltron Shorts to Cover Lagunita's Heinie

BnL’s Chug episode 048

THIS WEEK ON THE CHUG: Flying Dog says “fuck off” to the BA, Coney Island says “fuck yeah” to cotton candy, some cops tell AB’s former CEO to “get the fuck out” of his chopper and Crazy Mountain says “fuck it,” and takes of some WoB locations. All while Sam almost pukes on a double shot of Renegade Brewing rye IPA. Come for the news, stay for the Chug! Sources: Flying Dog says “fuck off” Coney Island says “fuck yeah” AB’s former CEO told to “get the fuck out” Crazy Mountain says “fuck it”

BnL’s Chug episode 047

THIS WEEK IN BEER NEWS: California trusts college students way too much, Brewdog trusted an idiotic gimmick too much, World of Beer is just flat out dumb, Modern Times joins an elite club and the UK better be watching what the hell we’re doing over here. Then Sam drains a full 19 ounces of 14er IPA. Come for the news, stay for the Chug. Original articles: Cali Brewdog WoB Modern Australian travels UK Label
BnL Podcast EP 055: Reinheitsgebot or ReinheitsgeNOT? AKA Yeast Mode.

BnL Podcast EP 055: Reinheitsgebot or ReinheitsgeNOT? AKA Yeast Mode.

This week we have slew of guests on the show. We get introduced to John and Matthew from Inland Island Yeast Labs and Justin from Mockery Brewing. We learn about the yeast business, Mockery’s supreme love for Reinheitsgbot and so much more. Space yeast, tweezers, deep freezes and who’d take what liquid up da bootay. You know, the important shit you’re supposed to know. Crack a brew, sit back and meet the gang. Call on us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for all your beer nonsense needs.

BnL’s Chug episode 046

THIS WEEK ON THE CHUG: We poke at Business Insider wanting to be cool, Bud wanting to be your beer vending machine overlord and Iron Maiden continuing to release beer no one wants. Meanwhile, we have two correspondent pieces with chugs and finally a Perrin Brewing​ beer gets the mouth drain. Source articles: Business Insider AB/InBEVending Machines Iron Maiden