BnL’s Chug episode 081

Source links: What day is today? Asking for a friend. Is today Wednesday? The Chug is ready later and drunker than ever. Deal with it. We got psychedelics, stones and evil overlords of Wisconsin. Combined with a power slam of Rockyard Brewing Company and you got the Chug.

BnL’s Chug episode 080

Source links: Yes, it’s Tuesday again. No Bud slang at the masters, more cans are coming to Maine and Green Flash is sold for parts. Combine this with a slamaroo of a west coast IPA and you have the Chug.

BnL’s Chug episode 079

Source links: A day late and a dollar short, we got weed beers, the brain being cool with THC and people who want to ice their beers: are they jerks or geniuses? Pair all these with a tall cold slammer of Stone Brewing beer, and you have the Chug.

BnL’s Chug episode 078

Germany invades Michigan’s beer scene, science kills the hop and one dude’s quest to prove lawyers are the worst takes him to PBR’s doorstep. All of these and a slammaroo of some New Image haze juice makes this The Chug. Source links:

BnL’s Chug episode 077

The Chug took a break last week and is ready to dangle beer news back in your face. This week’s stories are pink, Peepish and slightly pissed. It’s also the first edition of “Fizzy Facts,” giving you behind-the-scenes info about your favorite beer news show. We couple everything with a face drain of some Surly Brewing Company​ beer. This is the Chug. Source links: