BnL’s Chug episode 035

THIS WEEK IN BEER NEWS: Osker Blues and Ball Corp make a press release, Budweiser preps for doomsday, the craft beer bubble gives errybody the finger and Michigan has a specific process for getting beer in grocery stores. This week’s victim is Finkel & Garf’s Rye Saison ale and we have a very special message from Resolute Brewing Company. Come for news, stay for the chug.

Links to stories:
Osker Balls
Budsday Preppers
Craft Beer Mushroom Cloud
Michigan Groceries

Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

Homeboy seemingly came out of nowhere. Michigan? Colorado? Truth be told, no one knows where this motherfucker came from. Rumor has it he dwells in Denver and drinks ram piss.

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