The Ghosts of BnL Past, Present and Future

The Ghosts of BnL Past, Present and Future

With the site not quite a year old, it can be a bit tricky at times to uphold our general philosophy about who we are and what we do. Even we get paranoid things are getting stagnant and want to experiment to mix things up. Like the cringe-worthy phases of youth (You had them. Don’t fucking lie! We know you sat wallowing in self-pity, because no one has ever been 15 and you’re so deep listening to Sunny Day Real Estate no one in the world understands you you’re so complex and fragile.), experimentation and acknowledging failure only help you stumble down the path of self-discovery and solidify the ideas you hold dear and make you, you. That being said, we’ve had quite a few ideas we’ve tossed into the Beer n’ Loathing machine that have undergone intense and rigorous analysis.

Some were probably genuinely good ideas that may have a great place on a future spin-off blog.

Some are underdeveloped and were forgotten.

Many were total shit.

There were a few however, that we felt really represented our philosophy well, would be engaging and fun for you folks and would, most importantly, get us annihilated drunk off of shitty beer.

Since we think transparency is a good thing, we want to give you a glimpse into what’s to come in the next few months, what we hope will happen and in general get some input from the 7 of you reading this blog.

You might have already seen our newest addition, the “Bnl Sampler.” These short-ish videos feature ourselves trying three different generally awful beers and sharing our thoughts along the way. So far the reactions have been positive. Now some suggestions from you, the peanut gallery, would be fanfuckingtastic. Did you spot some awful looking beer on your last beer run? Have a personal favorite you’d like to hear us spew (puns) some meaningful thoughts on? LEAVE SOME GODDAMN COMMENTS! Seriously. We actually read those things! This is an idea we definitely have some growing room for and we’re at the impressionable phase where we’ll probably do shit you suggest.

You can consider the “BnL Sampler” to be individual training for the next idea that will pit us in head to head drinking combat. Somehow, being separated by 1300 miles created a desire to express our brotherly love by trying to drink one another under the table in what we are tentatively deeming the “Hammered Hercules” tournament. This event will see us competing mano a mano in several categories. What those categories are, we’re still working them out but you bet your sweet ass they’ll involve fire, beer and outrageous track suits. The main catch is these will only happen when the two of us are in the same place at the same time. Therefore this event may not be as regular as some of our other features, but it will be a glorious, bloody, shit show of a battle when it actually does happen. That said, we might need people to cheer us on and help with the event when we can make it happen.
Don’t think we’ll be forgetting about the podcast. We’ll continue to deliver sub par episodes with random hobos we pull off the street for co-hosts. In fact, we might even try to get all of our previous co-hosts into one podcast at once, get them all boozed up and see what happens. Just to say we had a real Shit Show.

Along with all these content related items, we are seriously looking at getting some MERCH. Yes, things you can wear, use and throw at Jehova’s Witnesses that come to your door. We’ve been tossing out some ideas, but this is another area we’d love to hear some feedback on what would be cool to see with our bat plastered all over it.

Last but not least, early in 2014, we are going to give everything we have to launch our secret baby we’ve been developing (read: ignoring) for the past 8 months. With that piss poor lead in, we are very excited to announce that “Shut Up and Drink” Trivia will be seeing the light of day very soon. This monstrosity is going to be an online drinking game show. Whether you want to call it a drinking-game show or a drinking game-show, we don’t give a fuck because it’s all of those things. The catch is we need YOU FUCKERS to make this happen. A game show without contestants is like a dive bar without PBR (a sad fucking place to hang out). We haven’t picked a date for our first show yet, but we will soon and we’re going to need some of you to be our guinea pi… contestants.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more information.

An open mind and a few beers can make anywhere an adventure; here’s to that adventure and the Beer n’ Loathing that comes with it.

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