The #BigBeersHunt2016 Results. Try not to Pee.

The #BigBeersHunt2016 Results. Try not to Pee.

Well, the weekend is over. Vail survived another Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines festival despite all our best efforts to try and bring the city to its knees. Yes, we ALL had a part in it. Total community. I’ll have several stories to share from the three days that are wildly inappropriate, so in the meantime, here are the results from our EPIC MOTHERGRABBIN SCAVENGER HUNT:

If you need a refresher on what I’m screaming about, refer your eyeballs to here.

Coming in fourth place with three items, 16 points and an average of 5.3 points per item:

Unnecessary garnishes – 3 pts
Beer Celeb – 3 pts
pilsner – 10 pts

Fun fact, PD was the only one to find “Unnecessary garnish” (albeit a stretch! hahahaha)

Dinosaur Sweater – NECESSARY garnishes – 3pts #bigbeershunt2016

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Next up, in third place, and second runner up (Don’t pull a Steve Harvey, don’t pull a Steve Harvey, don’t pull a…) with four items, 18 points and with an average of 4.5 points per item: 

Focus on the Beer

Vertical – 3 pts (+1 for 4 bottles)
Sandals – 1 pt
Beer celeb – 3 pts
Pilsner – 10 pts

Fun fact, FotB was the only one to claim a vertical and also the only one to get an extra point.

@surlybrewing Shades of Darkness vertical tasting. #vailbigbeers #surly #minnesotabeer #bigbeershunt2016

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Our first runner up, with only two items and still managing 20 points AKA AVERAGING A MIND BLOWING 10 POINTS PER ITEM:

Brewtally Insane!

Pilsner – 10 pts
Beer shirt with bear – 10 pts

Fun fact, if BI would have tagged the Surly Vertical, they would have won the whole thing. Always hash the tag, kids.

So that leaves us with only our winner, our champion, our queen bee, our Oprah, our Beef Supreme…

With a competition leading five items, and possibly record low 4.4 points per item:


pilsner – 10 pts
Sandals – 1 pt
Presenter – 3 pts
Mullet – 5 pts
Beer celeb – 3 pts

Fun fact, I tried really, really, realllllllyyyyyy fucking hard and barely squeaked by. After looking through my phone, I actually forgot to post a few additional pictures, so I might not have wanted it nearly as much as I thought.

Found a dude drinking pilsner. First points! What up now, @focusonthebeer? #bigbeershunt2016

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I truly appreciate Focus on the Beer’s help in organizing the hunt and helping pick items and scoring, and I also am super glad that Porchdrinking and Brutally Insane played along. It was a fun way to enjoy the weekend and be weird to total strangers.

Samuel Sly
Written by Samuel Sly

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