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BnL’s Chug episode 076

Crusty old beers, the world as IBUs know it isn’t real and health plus beer equals imaginary numbers. What beer pairs best with this bundle of joy? A quick slam of Resolute Brewing Company will answer that question. This is the Chug. Source links:

BnL’s Chug episode 074

NASCAR is sobering up, IPA is out of this world and we know where the world’s most remote brewery is, do you? All these stories paired with a tall glass of conflict give you The Chug! Source links:

BnL’ Chug episode 073

Milkshake IPAs, more private equity follies and one man’s quest to cause the most damage possible for some cheap beer. Pair these stories up with a bomber Clutch from New Belgium, and you’ve got yourself The Chug. Source links:

BnLs Chug episode 072

Detroit brewery honored by one man, AB InBev gets got, and an Atlanta pub is bold AF. These stories are matched up with an IPA from Troegs Brewing. Chug your beer news.

BnL’s Chug episode 071

Severed fingers in Michigan, edible beer packaging in Florida, Private Equity moves in Pittsburgh and craft beers for Disney. Pair these stories up with a beer from Seventh Son Brewing and what do you have? This week’s Chug, dumbass. Get after it. Source links: