BnL Podcast: The Official Left Hand Episode

This podcast has been a long time in the making. We tried to get both Sarah and Ryan, a pair of sales reps for Left Hand Brewing company, on the podcast together on a few occasions. We were graced with their presences individually, but never experienced the joy of their on air chemistry. It finally happened and the results are… inappropriate. We discuss glassware, cheese, and possibly Leftapalooza. We’re not entirely sure anymore since the editing went off the charts for a while. The important thing is, Sarah and Ryan are awesome and we greatly appreciate Left Hand’s corporate seal of “Please don’t make us regret this.”



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An open mind and a few beers can make anywhere an adventure; here’s to that adventure and the Beer n’ Loathing that comes with it.

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The Gang
Written by The Gang

The whole damn crew had something to do on this one. Bio = a bunch of drunk dudes doing something they probably wouldn't tell their own mothers.

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