BnL Podcast EP 016: The Magic Tap Line that Comes from Heaven

“HOOOOLLYYY SHIT! It’s been a while since we’ve done a podcast!” – Pete

It’s true though. And now we’re back at it. To celebrate the occasion, we invited our friends Ryan from Focus on the Beer and Tristan from to help test out our new show. We get into some pretty deep Would You Rathers, talk about bad ass parties, drink some beers and even help Tristan solve a great mystery that has stymied the Porchdrinking crew for some time. We compare some of our WYR answers with the results from our Twitter polls, so if you voted, see who you ended up siding with. Listen here or check us out on iTunes and rate our goddamn show! Or just share it. That would be way cooler than a rating.


If you’re more of the visual type, go check out our YouTube Channel. Tune in. Get drunk.

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The Gang
Written by The Gang

The whole damn crew had something to do on this one. Bio = a bunch of drunk dudes doing something they probably wouldn't tell their own mothers.

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