Ask Beer n’ Loathing: Number 1!

We’ve exhausted every medium in our quest to shine ultraviolet lights on the misty realm of beer and beer drinkership. Drinkership? Whatever. Anyway, after writing, making videos, and even tossing up the odd infographical how-to, we here at Beer n’ Loathing have finally found ourselves wondering: “I dunno, what about comics? Sure, whatever.” After we desecrate the comic arts, then we might move on to interpretive flailing or upside-down blacksmithing. There’s really not much left.

Since we’re all so s-m-r-t we decided to use comics as way to solicit and answer questions about that aforementioned misty realm of beer and beer drinkership. Matt Dog 20/20 decided to field the first question.

Ahem. So, here goes.

Ask BnL_1


Wasn’t that great? Send your UTI-style burning questions to and we’ll answer them. IN COMIC FORM.

Written by MattDog 20/20

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